Is There Strategy To Casino Games?

Queen moving strategic game

The idea that all casino games are purely based on chance and therefore, have no element of strategy to them is a common opinion held by many non-gamblers. They see casino games as being complete luck and nothing like strategical games like chess and backgammon. However, many casino games are not based completely on chance and benefit from a strategical approach. Let’s take a look at a few of them!


black jack cards and betOne of the most popular games, which has a significant percentage of skill and strategy involved in successful gameplay, is blackjack. In various card scenarios within blackjack there are play strategies that increase your odds of winning the hand. If you can memorise these card plays and then employ them in real-life blackjack, then you will greatly increase your odds of winning. The best method for familiarising yourself with the best blackjack plays is to make a small investment in a blackjack strategy chart. These charts lay out in front of you all the strategical blackjack card plays that give you the highest probability of winning a hand. Over time, as you memorise these strategies and start using them in competitive blackjack you should be able to automatically use the best strategy for each hand.

There are other casino games with an element of skill, such as three card poker, however, blackjack is the most well-known of this category of casino games.