Count Your Outs and Enjoy Your Pots

Poker appeals to a lot of players, but not everyone has what it takes to become a serious poker player. Here we outline just a few of the strategies that could help you to be a winner in the game of poker.

  • It’s not the quantity you play, but the quality: A good hand selection at the start of the game is the foundation of every winning poker player. It’s better to fold than play with a bad hand. Folding doesn’t cost anything.
  • Use Bluffing Sparingly: One key misconception is that you don’t need to bluff to win. Aim to play your cards well rather than keep bluffing.
  • Play Like You Can See Your Opponents Cards: You have a decent hand, but your opponent is betting all in. Do you really have the best hand? Elevating your thinking to multiple levels can yield interesting results.
  • Know Your Pot Odds and Your Outs: Pot odds involve using the Odds to gauge your likelihood of winning when on a drawing hand to decide if to call a bet or a raise. Dive in and learn more here. To be a winner in poker, you will need to master the mathematics of counting Outs. Knowing your Outs, is knowing the fundamentals of poker odds.
  • Know Your Player: Obviously, play against players that are worse than you.
  • Know Your Place: Most often, table position is more important than the cards you hold. Sitting in the right place can make the difference between winning and losing. The best position to be in is where you are the last to act on the hand, e.g. when you are on the ‘button’, you gain knowledge watching and studying the play going around the table and act accordingly.
  • Don’t Be a High Roller: Normally, players playing higher limits, are better players than the ones playing lower limits, so don’t spend a lot of your money while trying to learn the game.
  • Don’t Over Value Your Suites: Suited cards only improve your hand by 2%.