Poker- A Strategic Game

The card game poker is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Whilst no one single country can lay claim to its creation, it does seem that there were worldwide variations of the game centuries ago which contributed to its evolution, and which today we know by the name of poker.

The Rules of have a very detailed description about the humble beginnings of the game and the rules that players play by today; definitely worth checking out.

Poker is a strategic game; a game of skill more than luck. A good player knows when to fold and knows when to bluff. These strategies come with experience so the best way to learn is to start playing.

Poker Online

In the case of online video poker, a dealer button is used which rotates clockwise round the table. In an online live casino game, there will be a video feed of a live dealer, dealing real cards on a real table.

One popular variation of poker is Texas Hold’em which is a community card poker game using hole cards in its strategy. The aim as always is to win as many chips as possible, one pot at a time; either by having the best hand or by having all the other players fold.

Another variation is the Seven card stud where, before betting, players are initially dealt 2 cards each (one facing up and the other facing down). The 4th, 5th, 6th cards are upward facing and the 7th card is downward facing. The aim is to secure the best possible hand made up from five cards.

Then there is the easiest variation of them all ‒ the five-card draw where players are dealt five cards facing down, with betting taking place before and after drawing the cards. The best hand made from 5 cards wins.

Finally, there is the 2-7 triple draw where each player is dealt with five cards and draw cards as in the five-card draw. Aces here are the strongest cards.