Poker Rooms in the UK – Where to Play

The UK is a fortunate country in many respects – and just one of these is their gambling laws, which are very relaxed, and allow you, the players, to play poker online almost anywhere. With that being said, how do you tell the different websites apart, and find the right poker room for you? We have compiled some information about exactly that, to help you make the right choice.

Choices, choices…

Because it’s so easy to access online casinos in the UK, many poker sites are all trying to offer the best bonuses possible to rope in players. Some of these are, for example, William Hill and Tiger Gaming, which offer humongous welcome bonuses.

Other places to try are PokerStars, one of the biggest poker sites globally, which hosts regular tournaments and has an easy-to-understand interface. News came in June this year that PokerStars was looking to expand its business by as much as 25% – an indication of its success.

888poker is also an option, and has topped several lists as being the most highly rated poker room online – little surprise when it is owned by the casino giant 888, the very biggest online casino.

For more thorough reviews of these poker rooms and others you can go here to get the latest news.

Too much choice? Here’s what to look for…

There is a confounding amount of choice available, so it is understandable if you are a little confused as to where might be the very best! The best advice available is to look first for the site with the best welcome bonuses – this will give you a fun time as you get used to them, and see how they are different from others. If you don’t like them when the bonuses are used up, then you can always just move on!